Accepted Offer And Closing

Accepted Offer And Closing


Accepted Offer
Once we have an accepted offer we will establish a timeline for upcoming dates and deadlines from the contract that might include the collection of earnest money, home inspection, or any other contingency written in to the offer.  We will guide you through this process and make sure we adhere to the terms of the contract.

If financing, the mortgage lender will also need a copy of the signed purchase agreement and it is imperative you stay in close communication with the lender during this process to ensure they have all the documentation they need and everything is moving forward.

Utilities and Insurance
At some point in the weeks leading up to closing you will need to get your homeowners insurance established on the new home as well as get the utilities set up in your name effective the day of closing.  We will provide you a checklist for these items so you have everything in order.

Final Walk Through
Either the day of closing or a day or two before we will visit the property one last time for you to verify that all is in working order, that there are no extra items left behind, and that everything included in your purchase is still at the property.

The closing is the final performance of all of the agreements you made with the seller and your lender for the purchase and financing of your new home. If you are buying solely with your own cash, no lender will be involved. If you are financing your purchase, however your loan will close at the same time and place as your purchase. Upon completion of closing ownership of the property will be transferred to you and you will get keys to your new home!