Listing Presentation / Market Analysis


The first step we will take in the process of selling your home is meeting with you to go over our listing presentation and comparative market analysis. This will give us the opportunity to discuss what is important to you in the sale of your home and how we can best work with you to achieve your goals. Some items covered in this meeting will include:

Comparable Properties

We will research comparable properties in your area and price range and provide a thorough report with details on homes that are currently on the market, pending sales, recent sales, and expired listings. This information will help you determine a list price and give an idea for an estimated time it will take to sell.


We have an aggressive marketing plan and will demonstrate how we will get your home maximum exposure through both online and print marketing. We will talk about how your home is going to be promoted to the general public and to other real estate agents.


We will go through a worksheet with you that will detail all the expenses involved with selling a home and will give you an estimate on the estimated proceeds you can expect from the sale.

Timeline and Services

We will provide a timeline for you of what happens next when you do decide to list your home as far when the listing appears online, when the sign goes up, and so on. We will also explain how showings get scheduled through our call center, how showing agents access the home through the lockbox, and how we get feedback from the showings through a property specific email question questionnaire.